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This mad old boot just keeps on giving.....

 Re: John Lowe tells us there was a MATCH to Maddie in the car & more about DNA & FORENSICS

Post  HiDeHo Today at 3:42 pm
I compiled this video before I was fully aware that Keela alerts ONLY to BLOOD.
Then why the fuck did you compile a video if you didn't know what you were talking about? 

Although FSS could not determine which body fluid, KEELA'S alert 'tells' us it WAS blood.
Bullshit. Keela alerts to blood. LCN-DNA analysis cannot confirm the source, ie, if from a bodily fluid, therefore it is not possible to tie the sample to the alert 

Also...and keeping in mind again this video was compiled three years ago, prior to my full understanding of the 37 markers.
Then why were you making videos about it ?!!!!

Frankly, three years ago all this information was available and you damn well should have made sure you understood it before commenting on it, you total and utter fraud 

The CORRECT statement is that 15 of Madeleine's 19 markers were found in a sample that contained 37 markers,
So why do you keep claiming otherwise? 
which is STILL valuable info and coincidental that 15 markers of her profile are found at all (in the same sequence?)
There is nothing 'coincidental' about it. It's called 'science' You wouldn't understand
''Sequence'' is nothing to do with it - why do you have this obsession with sequence? The analysis has nothing to do with the sequence of any region of DNA 
in the back of the car, but may change the coincidence rate to what is claimed in the video, though by how much I cannot be sure.
So you claimed a ''coincidence'' rate based on not having a clue what you were talking about? 

Kate's claim, however, is INCORRECT.  Blood WAS found in the rental car and I think we can all agree that blood is a body fluid!
No, there was no confirmation of the presence of blood. But you know this.  

Don't give up the day job, Halfwit. You suck at this. 

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