Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Shoot the messenger - an act of total hypocrisy

Before we go on let me state this for the record

I am not the poster referred to below, nor do I know them. I have never been a member of, nor posted in, the cesspit that is the Jill Havern forum

But this today was stunning

A number of members have suggested that Mike7777's posts are disrupting the work of the forum.  S/he has therefore been banned. If, however, any members feel that s/he has made a valuable contribution to this debate and should be reinstated, by all means contact a member of the Admin & Moderation Team - Mod
Mike777 had raised many of the points I have also raised. I never once saw them be anything other than polite and brief in doing so.

It's perfectly obviously that Halfwit and the Balding Menace are so incapable of dealing effectively with any intelligent challenge to their mantra, that their only solution is to ban the person concerned

So, as I did with Textusa, let me make this clear:

If the twats on JH ban you, send me what you want to say, and I will publish it here. 

Later, I will be covering Halfwit's response to this, which is nauseating in its hypocrisy 


  1. Well, got my head round the 37 markers and the 15 out of 19(which is normally 20 I believe )- that being the nr of any string of alleles which are matched to the evidential sample and the whole thing becomes easy. The 'string' of 15 which isn't unique to Maddie could also have been part of another profile contained in the 37 markers found?

    You also got rid of the contamination problem which I had all mixed up.
    It has become fairly simple - I think...

    Only stuck with the Espineiro report of the 28th August, only Mt DNA?

    1. Still not quite there - will try to have that summary ready soon. Try not to think of it as a ''string'' as that isn't right.
      Madeleine, like all of us, had 20 markers. In her case, there were 19 different ones, as she had two the same.
      She had inherited 10 from her mum and 10 from her dad
      So, if you had a mix of DNA which contained some from her mum and some from her dad, you could match many of the same markers she had. That could make it look like you had found a match to her, when in fact it was just DNA from her parents.
      Mitochondria are subcellular organelles - they act like batteries, generating the energy cells require. They also contain DNA, but not the full profile, like the cell nucleus does; the DNA they contain is different, and inherited just from the mother. So every mother passes her mtDNA to her children. Madeleine, Sean and Amelie carried the mtDNA they inherited from Kate, and Gerry would carry the mtDNA he inherited from his mother.
      Unless there is a ''bulb'' attached to the end of a hair, it is usually only possible to recover mtDNA from hair. Therefore any mtDNA cannot distinguish between Kate, Madeleine, Sean or Amelie and thus cannot identify a hair as belonging to one of them as opposed to the others.

      I'll put all this together for you soon

  2. Thanks. i'd really like to understand it. It was made more complicated by forum myths and pseudo experts I feel. My string theory derives from the many TV series where you see (as in e.g. a chromatography output on screen) a string of peaks overlaid with an identical 'string' - which led me to a sort of barcode explanation...

    1. Perfectly understandable. There are a few analogies which can help to make it a bit clearer, so I'll try to map something out. What I find most annoying was the post by Halfwit in which she said she put the video together before she understood the 37 markers sample - in which case what was she doing disseminating it to all and sundry claiming it was accurate? None of this helps, it does the opposite and risks portraying everyone who doubts the McCann version of events as a lamebrained, poorly educated conspiraloon. Like her.


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