Saturday, 5 December 2015

A couple of frauds

Let's make this really really simple for you, arsehead

Why is a brief sighting by a cleaner who did not know Madeleine, deemed reliable, yet the testimony of several nannies, all of whom knew Madeleine, and who spent all day with her, which is also reinforced by documented evidence in the form of the registers, deemed unreliable?

Because, dear, it looks very much as if you simply cherry pick from the evidence to discount any which blow your half-witted, shit-for-brains, fantasy theory out of the water.

Which is why you, and El Trampo, are enormous, steaming great frauds


  1. still trying hard to convert the masses.

    she really is an obsessed freak.......10 years on and still trying.

    1. She is just awful. I particularly despise the way she tries to suggest she is just asking the question and will respond to being shown to be wrong and then does the exact opposite

  2. "I have not only looked at the creche sheets and made several compilations, including the last one I have also saved the THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of posts scrutinising them..."

    and still she continues spouting her sh ite.


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