Wednesday, 2 December 2015

"If I only had a brain"

Well, the Halfwit is back, adding two and two together and coming up with the square root of fuck all.

Take this, for example

@HiDeHo wrote:I have been posting one, by one the witnesses that CLAIM they saw Madeleine and posting on a new message each time for anyone that disputes to quote and add their comments.

I think you can see that so far, witnesses that many people have believed saw Madeleine are being shown to have probably been incorrect.

Does anyone disagree with the witnesses I have posted so far?


MARIA (tapas cook)
CECILIA (Millenium hostess for breakfast)

Are they bollocks shown to be incorrect.

Fatima the cleaner saw her - you don't dispute that because it fits your idiot theory

Catriona did too, not that you would know because - yet again, and despite me pointing this out last time  - you misquote the files and attribute quotes to the wrong statement

Maria saw her

Jeronimo never claimed to

Cecilia - it was quite clear that she confused the McCanns with one of the other families and she has never been regarded as a witness to the events that week.

You also left out Charlotte, who testified that she read to her that day

Your entire theory is that all these people were mistaken, that they could have confused Madeleine with another child - which just goes to show how fucking clueless you are with respect to anyone who works with kids; one thing they learn to do very quickly is remember the kids names.

So for your idiot theory to be correct, all the paperwork would have to have been falsified, all these witnesses would have to be mistaken or lying, and that is without even touching on the fact that we know there are photographs taken that day showing Madeleine in the background

Stop talking out of your arse, you bloody fraud. Actually, I don't think you are primarily a fraud. Essentially you are a liar, but a pathetically stupid one.

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